Dell Software Principal Engineer - ITORG in Bangalore, India

Principal DevOps Engineer

Dell’s End-to-End Seller organization is hiring a Principal DevOps Engineer to lead the continuous integration and delivery for their Online Solutions Selling applications. Our current team is responsible for future state development, implementing and deploying new enhancements to future state Sales Platorm, interacting with development across regions, work closely with our business partners to understand requirements, and develop/enhance existing systems in timely manner.

The ideal candidate will have extensive knowledge of DevOps principles, understanding of systems architecture, and the ability to bridge the gap between development and operations to guide and deliver a high-volume, highly personalized e-commerce experience.


  • Design, develop, and implement complete configuration management policies and processes to support multiple product lines and services

  • Provide expertise, direction, and ownership of configuration management policy and methodology

  • Provide source code management expertise to ensure no code is lost , know what code is deployed when and where, and assist in branching and merging implementations

  • Implement environment configuration patterns and practices to allow for consistent single binary code deployment to each environment in an isolated rollback capable fashion

  • Work with development team to establish build, unit test, coding, and deployment standards and monitored guidelines that provide prompt feedback to allow for timely adjustment and revalidation

  • Strives to reduce complexity and assist development, QA, and engineering with utilizing Source Control and CM tool sets to decrease their time to value

    • Automate all aspects of the development lifecycle to reduce manual error-prone steps and build out repeatable Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Testing (CT) and Continuous Delivery(CD)
  • Be the technical Tool Smith and liaison with Operations team

    • Establishing and executing configuration management solutions for .NET and ASP development environments
  • Ensure that software products meet all perquisites before releasing software to various environments (Dev, QA, Staging, or Production)

  • Enable gated check-in as part of the automated continuous integration process

  • Automate database deployments and the automated staging of appropriate test data into the various environments (Dev, QA, Staging, or Production)

  • Ensure CI/CD alignment with the test automation frameworks

  • Works closely with the global development team, other senior Solution Architects, and executives within the Online Product Engineering group to plan ongoing feature development, product maintenance, and management of development teams


  • Engineering Degree in Computer Science/Engineering, or equivalent professional experience

    • 8 years of related configuration management experience or software automated build and deploy processes in a software development environment

    • Very good knowledge and understanding in most of the following –Web API (MS ASP.Net), MVC, JSON, SOAP, REST,.Net Framework, Jasmine, Karma

  • Expert knowledge of object oriented programming

  • Knowledge of SQL Server development and database design

    • Ability to use and maintain and develop complex build scripts using MSBuild and other scripting languages

    • Powershell and other scripting languages including Gulp/Grunt task runners

    • Chef/Puppet and other virtualization /configuration management tools

    • Docker and other container platforms

    • Team City and other automated build tools.

  • Experienced with implementing and supporting Continuous Integration (CI) tools such as Octopus, TFS for automated build, testing, and deployment

  • Experienced in implementing and managing Feature Toggles through all phases of development through to Deployment

  • Excellent writing skills for creating configuration management documentation

  • Excellent team players, yet capable of working independently, and will be able to manage multiple projects at once. Candidates will work with very little direction, will be comfortable leading conference calls, and can drive the direction of very large projects being developed by multi-shore teams


  • Experience in an Agile/Scrum environment

  • Experience with automated database deployment tools such as Microsoft SSDT

  • Experience in implementing Deployment techniques that enable Canary Deployment or A/B testing


Job: *SW Engineering

Organization: *IT

Title: Software Principal Engineer - ITORG

Location: AP-IN-KA-Bangalore

Requisition ID: 17000NZM